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 Early Years and Childcare Code of Practice (Voice)

This professional code for childcarers provides advice for all practising professional childcarers in carrying out their duties and responsibilities. 


Education Support Staff:

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Health and Safety Resources

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Heatwave guidance

Looking after Schoolchildren and those in Early Years settings during Heatwaves: Guidance for Teachers and Other Professionals

School Trips

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Snow Advice

Advice and information

Students and Newly Qualified Teachers

Giving newly qualified teachers and teaching students the information they require at their fingertips. 

Student Guide - Your first job in teaching

Advice on where to look for jobs, how to apply for them, and your interview technique.

Swine Flu

Voice information sheet, and the latest news from the DfE.


Taking Photographs in Schools

Information Commissioner's Office Good Practice Note.


Provides 24 hour free support lines for teachers in England, Wales and Scotland needing emotional support and counselling:

  • England Tel: 0800 562 561
  • Wales Tel: 08000 855 088
  • Scotland Tel: 0800 564 2270

Voice Care

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Voice Legal Services

Services on offer include: Free Legal Advice Service  (non-employment issues)*; Wills; Buying or Selling a House; Personal Injury; Divorce or Separation; Employment


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Provides help to schools and other public and not-for-profit organisations to achieve their full potential by focusing on the wellbeing and motivation of their staff.