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We’re here to support you in your career and there’s no better time to prove that than right out of the gate. To help ease you into the job market and the financial stresses that come with that, we’re offering you a fantastic 2 year deal.

Get your first year FREE. 

You’ll have nothing to pay until January in your second year and then just £89 in year two. You’ll still get all the services and benefits of Voice membership, just at a reduced rate.



Get the peace of mind that you have a friendly and approachable union in your corner, offering you the security and protection you need so you can get on with what matters most – you job.

We represent all those working in the education profession; teachers, nannies, support staff, early years, childcare, teaching assistants and more. 

Membership offers benefits including:


*Coverage commences as soon as you receive application confirmation. Voice is unable to offer assistance with employment issues that arose before joining.