Results of Voice stress survey

Date: 19.01.17
Survey of Voice members


January 2017

Results of Voice member stress survey 

Voice: the union for education professionals has published the results of its stress survey 

In May 2016, Voice conducted its first membership-wide stress survey. Adopting the Health & Safety Executives workplace stress survey, Voice offered all members the opportunity to complete the survey to help us gauge stress across our membership, in return receiving their own personal stress score. 267 recipients completed the survey.

The survey asked members to answer 35 questions. The results are then broken down into seven areas and receive a score from 1 to 5, where 1 is the worst score, indicating the maximum levels of stress, and 5 is the desired result, indicating the least amount of stress.

Voice members as a whole scored 3.23.






Those who said they had direct responsibility for children/young people proved the most stressed, at 3.20, followed by those in senior management positions, then classroom support staff, then admin staff as the least stressed, at 3.33.

Looking at which age group is tackling the highest stress levels, the 31-40 year olds are under the greatest pressure and the 61+ age group appear to suffer the least from stress.

Click here to access the full 2016 survey results.

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