School standards at risk from cuts while Government sets up property company

Date: 29.03.17
Comments on Commons Public Accounts Committee’s ’Financial Sustainability of Schools’report.

29 March 2017

School standards at risk from cuts while Government sets up property company

Commenting on publication of the House of Commons Public Accounts Committee’s Financial Sustainability of Schools report, Deborah Lawson, General Secretary of Voice: the union for education professionals, said:

“We welcome the Committee’s report, which highlights the severe financial pressures that schools are under, and the ‘delusions’ in government over the budget situation.

“Despite a series of reports warning of the dangers of the school funding crisis, the Government simply is not listening. Instead, it repeats its mantra about record levels of spending. Government spending does increase over time with inflation, but it is not keeping pace with schools’ rising costs.

“Schools are facing an estimated £3 billion shortfall in the Government’s education budget by 2020. Yet despite this, and while arguing for austerity, the Government yesterday announced that, as part of its ideologically-driven free schools experiment, it is setting up LocatED, a ‘government-owned property company’  that ‘will operate with a £2 billion budget, making it one of largest purchasers of land in the UK’. That money should be invested in our cash-strapped schools instead.

“Unfortunately, the publication of this report on the day that Article 50 is triggered means that it will not receive the level of media and public attention that it deserves.”

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