STRB recommendations and Government response hugely disappointing

Date: 10.07.17
Voice’s comments on 27th report of the School Teacher’s Review Body (STRB) on teachers’ pay and Secretary of State’s response.


10 July 2017

STRB's recommendations and Government's response hugely disappointing

Commenting on the publication of the 27th report of the School Teacher’s Review Body (STRB) on teachers’ pay and the Secretary of State for Education’s response, Deborah Lawson, General Secretary of Voice: the union for education professionals, said:

“Although not unexpected, this is hugely disappointing.

"This derisory and insulting pay award will do nothing to address the teacher recruitment and retention crisis.   It does not reward teachers properly for their dedication in the face of enormous pressures and upheaval in the education system.

“Increasingly numbers of graduates are finding more financially rewarding career opportunities in other professions, and we know that around a quarter of teachers who have qualified since 2011 have left the profession.

“The Education Secretary claims that schools have ‘significant flexibility, within the pay ranges, to set pay for individual teachers’, but this ignores the gaping holes in schools’ budgets.

“In our evidence to the School Teachers’ Review Body (STRB), Voice again highlighted the inability of schools to make pay awards because of their dire financial circumstances.

“I suggested that reprofiling education funding could produce better financing of schools. Funding previously earmarked for the development of grammar schools or ineffective recruitment campaigns would be more effective if paid to teachers and used to address the real cost pressures facing schools.

“We will again make our case for an end to this unsustainable pay cap in the consultation announced by the Secretary of State.

“The Government must listen to the STRB’s warnings of a ‘real risk that schools will not be able to recruit and retain a workforce of high quality teachers to support pupil achievement’ and that schools are‘working under increasing financial constraints….Between now and 2020, many schools will face both real-terms reductions in the level of per-pupil funding and growing cost pressures. Difficult choices may be inescapable’.

“Although the STRB works within the remit set by the Secretary of State, it is a shame that it did not make a firm recommendation to end the pay cap.”

Further information: Department for Education (DfE):

Written Statement made by: Justine Greening (The Secretary of State for Education and Minister for Women and Equalities)

"School Teachers’ Review Body 27th report: 2017

(Education Secretary's evidence)

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