Pensions (Teachers: Scotland)

Pensions: advice for teachers and lecturers who are members of Voice.


Teachers’ Pensions Scotland

How do Voice members obtain further information about their pensions?


1.  Contact Scottish Public Pensions Agency (SPPA).
     Tel:  01896 893 000
     SPPA, 7 Tweedside Park, Galashiels, TD1 3TE.

It will speed up your enquiry if you have your GTCS number to hand.


2.  Contact Voice Scotland
      Tel: 0131 220 8241  

Please quote your membership number.



Further information:

SPPA:         Circular 2017/06: Unmarried Survivor Pensions (April 2017) (pdf)

SPPA:        Circular 2017/05: Medical Advisory Services (April 2017) (pdf)

SPPA:        Circular 2017/04: Annual Return data 2017 and tax charges (March 2017) (pdf)

SPPA:       Circular 2017/03: Summer retirals (March 2017) (pdf)

SPPA:      Circular 2017/02: Disclosure of information for annual report and accounts (March 2017 (pdf)

SPPA:       Circular 2017/01: Public Service Pension Indexation and CARE Scheme revaluation (March 2017) Annex to 2017/01

SPPA:        Circular 2016/11: Interactive guides and videos (October 2016) (pdf

SPPA:       Circular 2016/10: Annual Benefit Statements (September 2016) (pdf

SPPA:      Circular 2016/09: Opt-out form and Auto Re-Enrolment (August 2016) (pdf)

SPPA       Circular 2016/08:  Annual Benefit Statements (July 2016) (pdf)

SPPA       Circular 2016/07: summer retirement (March 2016) (pdf)

SPPA      Circular 2016/06: Unauthorised leave (March 2016) (pdf)

SPPA     End of contracting-out: Changes to State Pension from 6 April 2016 SPPA circular 2016/04 (March 2016) (pdf)

SPPA      Circular 2016/02  (February 2016) (pdf)

SPPA      Circular 2015/14 (November 2015) (pdf)

SPPA      Circular 2015/13 (October 2015) (pdf)

SPPA     Circular 2015/12 (May 2015) (pdf)

SPPA:    Circular 2015/09 Addendum (April 2015) (pdf)

SPPA:    Circular 2015/11 (Submission of 2015 summer retirement application forms) (pdf)

STSS:    Circular 2015/10 (Increase to public service pensions with effect from 6 April 2015) (pdf)

STSS:    Circular 2015/08 (Pensionable earnings from 1 April 2015) (pdf

STSS:      (Contributions from 1 April 2015) (pdf)

STSS:   Circular 2015/06 (Introduction of Scottish Teachers’ Pension Scheme 2015) (pdf)

STSS Circular 2015/05 (Introduction of Scottish Teachers’ Pension Scheme 2015) (pdf)

STSS:   Circular 2015/04 (member contributions effective from 1 April 2015) (pdf)

STSS:  Circular 2015/03 (employer contribution rate to be applied from 1 September 2015) (pdf)

STSS:  Changes to the Scottish Teachers' Superannuation Scheme from April 2015

STSS2015 Scottish  Teachers' Pension Scheme FAQs

STSS:  Transferring Benefits out (from 6 April 2015)

STSS: Circular 2015/01 (January 2015): same sex marriage and civil partnerships (pdf)

STSS Circular  2014/07 (November 2014): various topics   (pdf)

STSS:   Auto Enrolment circular amendment (May 2014) (pdf)

STSS  Circular 2014/06 (April 2014): contributions etc (pdf)

STSS  Circular 2014/05 (March 2014): backdated pay etc (pdf)

STSS  Circular 2014/04 (March 2014): increases from 7 April 2014 and   Circular 2014/05: Annex A  (pdfs)

STSS Circular 2014/03 (March 2014):  summer retiral etc (pdf)

STSS  Circular 2014/02 (March 2014): increases to members' contributions from 1 April 2014 (pdf)

STSS  Circular 2014/01 (19 February 2014): changes to LTA etc (pdf)

STSS Circular 2013/08 (22 March 2013): increases to public service pensions from 8 April 2013 (pdf)

STSS Circular 2013/05 (11 March 2013): summer retiral applications (pdf)

STSS Circular 2013/04 (4 March 2013) : increases to members' contributions effective from 1 April 2013  (pdf)

STSS Circular 03/2013 (opt out/auto enrolment) 14 February 2013 (pdf)

STSS Circular 01/2013 (benefits) 21 January 2013) (pdf)

STSS Circular 2012/10: Pension telephone scam (20 November 2012) (pdf)

STSS Circular 2012/09 (26 October 2012) pdf
The purpose of this circular is to advise you of the option for, and eligibility of, temporary redeployment of members of the STSS on the grounds of ill health. 

Public Service Pensions Review (Scotland and UK)

Scottish Teachers' Superannuation Scheme: 

STSS Circular 2012/8 (10 August 2012) (pdf)
The purpose of this Circular is to advise the employer of the need to send in Annual Return information and HMRCs charges for submission of late or incorrect data.

STSS Circular 2012/7: 11 April 2012: Increase to public service pensions with effect from 9 April 2012 (pdf)

STSS: Circular 2012/6: 30 March 2012: Publication of new STSS Retirement Application Form (pdf

Scottish Teachers' Superannuation Scheme: Circular 2012/03 sets out the employee pension contribution tiers for the scheme year 2012/2013 (March 2012) 

STSS: My Pension Online (March 2012)

STSC Circular 7/2011: Submission of Summer 2011 Retiral application forms, Calculation of part year final salary, Time scales for Winding Down applications (pdf)

Scottish Teachers Superannuation Scheme Circular 06/2011: Increase to Public Service Pensions with effect from 11 April 2011(31 March 2011) (pdf)

SPPA 2011 circulars

Public Service Pensions Review 

Advice on payslips and pensions

Pensions 2010 announcement (April 2010)

Scottish Teachers’ Superannuation Scheme: Updated Member’s Guide (2010)

Application for Retirement Benefits – Age/Premature/ARP

Scottish Teachers’ Superannuation Scheme Circular 2009/1 (February 2009):  TEACHERS’ SUPERANNUATION (SCOTLAND) REGULATIONS 2005 (as amended): Changes to Application Form RET 1 and RET 2 for Age, Premature (PRC) and Actuarially Reduced Pension (ARP) and inclusion of AW82 (pdf)

Information on Public Pension Overpayments (December 2008)

Scottish Teachers’ Superannuation Scheme (STSS)

Other documents:

See:  Scottish Teachers’ Superannuation Scheme (STSS) website