Voices position on Industrial/Strike Action

The Cardinal Rule (from the handbook)

As an independent trade union and professional organisation, Voice both looks after the interests of its members and works to promote the best possible practice in education and childcare.

We believe that all those involved in education and childcare should make the best interests of children and students their first and overwhelming priority.

Voice is indefatigable in pursuing the resolution of problems through negotiation. We campaign vigorously on national issues and actively support members in difficulties of a local or individual nature. We do not undertake industrial action because we recognise its negativity and the inevitable damage caused to the interests of those for whom we are responsible.

This gives us the principle on which we base our Cardinal Rule, found as Rule 4 of our Constitution, namely:

                               "Members shall not go on strike in any circumstances".

It applies to all Voice members. Strike action includes any kind of industrial action.

NB: Voice is not affiliated to the S/TUC. Its independent status means that potential members can join straight away. A certificate of clearance is not required from an applicant’s previous union. Although Voice members do not take industrial action, previous involvement in industrial action while a member of another union is not a barrier to membership of Voice.