Letter to use to inform your employer of your position


Letter to use to inform your headteacher/manager/employer of your position in relation to any industrial action situation which may occur.




Dear ...................................

Industrial action on [date]
I am writing on the advice of my union, Voice, to confirm that I will not be participating in the industrial action on [date]. Consequently, I am available for work in line with the terms and conditions of my own contract and I understand that I can be directed to undertake some extra duties, if that direction is a reasonable one in all the circumstances. 
I need to add that I am not prepared to undertake the work of colleagues, because I respect their democratic right to take industrial action. Nor am I prepared to work in conditions that could place the health and safety of [pupils/children/students], or my own health and safety, at risk. 
I trust this letter will inform your planning and I welcome the opportunity to discuss arrangements that affect me if you consider that helpful. 
Yours sincerely 

[Your Name]

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