Subscription Notes & No waiting period

Subscription Notes:

  • Direct debit payments can be made via annual, quarterly, 10-monthly  or 12-monthly instalments.
  • If direct debit option is selected, please state which option is required.
  • Debit/credit card payments will be processed upon receipt of application form.
  • If paying by credit/debit card, please ensure the 3 digit security  number (on the back of card) is provided.
  • Members who overpay their subscriptions will be refunded, on  request, subject to a £10 administration charge and within 3 calendar months of payment.
  • No refund will be made unless requested within 3 calendar months of payment.

No waiting period

You are fully covered as soon as your application is received at head office, provided you are eligible to join. (See membership criteria). However, applicants should note Voice is unable to offer representation or assistance (including legal advice) with problems that occurred prior to joining.