Voice welcomes College of Teaching consultation and professional development fund

Date: 09.12.14
Voice has welcomed the announcement by the DfE of a consultation on a College of Teaching and of a fund for "evidence-based professional developmentā€.


Voice news release: 9 December 2014 

Voice welcomes College of Teaching consultation and professional development fund

Voice: the union for education professionals has welcomed the announcement byEducation Secretary Nicky Morgan and Schools Minister David Laws of a consultation on a College of Teaching and of a fund for "evidence-based professional development”. 

General Secretary Deborah Lawson said:

“We welcome the opportunity for teachers to engage with this process at the start rather than at the point of implementation, and will respond to the consultation. We hope this is a genuine consultation process and that the profession will be listened to.  We are concerned about the short timescale to develop and implement policy in the run-up to an election.  

Voice welcomes the concept of a College of Teaching as a body to raise the status of teaching as a profession and to promote public confidence in, and respect for, teachers. 

“Many other professions have similar bodies to represent them and promote their professional interests.  Teaching has suffered because of the stranglehold that government has had on education and the lack of a member-driven professional body that can support and steer the profession through seemingly relentless changes to the education system and political interference.

“A College of Teaching would help to galvanise and unify the teaching profession.  It would also seek to raise aspirations, standards and morale. 

“A College of Teaching would have a separate role to that played by the trade unions in safeguarding and promoting members’ employment rights, and would focus on setting, promoting and advancing high standards of teaching, teacher education, continuing professional development and educational research.

“The Education Secretary has commented that teaching is ‘almost unique amongst the professions in lacking such an organisation’, although it was her government that scrapped the General Teaching Council for England in 2010. 

“We recognise that the GTCE was not popular with many teachers. However, the new College of Teaching will not, we understand, have the GTCE’s regulatory and disciplinary role, which it emphasised over everything else and imposed itself on the profession rather than showing a genuine interest in the welfare of teachers.” 

Commenting on the professional development fund, Deborah Lawson said:

“Teachers will welcome the provision and availability of high quality professional development.

“However, as with the Prime Minister’s announcement on training maths and science teachers, there must be a properly funded and resourced mechanism to enable schools to release teachers from their normal duties in order to participate in professional development.”


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The DfE's consultation, ‘ A world-class teaching profession’, will be open until 3 February 2015. 

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