Voice Scotland welcomes Delivery Plan

Date: 29.06.16
Voice Scotland has welcomed publication of the Scottish Government’s Delivery Plan for Scottish Education.


 29 June 2016 

Voice Scotland welcomes Delivery Plan

Voice Scotland – which represents, teachers, headteachers and education support and childcare staff – has welcomed publication of the Scottish Government’s Delivery Plan for Scottish Education.  

Senior Professional Officer Jennifer Barnes said: 

“We welcome the Delivery Plan and statement by the Deputy First Minister – in particular the commitments to focus on the early years stage, to reduce teachers’ workload and de-clutter the curriculum, and to invest in teachers and their skills. 

“The governance and funding review in particular, ‘devolving funding and more decision-making to schools and communities’, has the potential to change the shape of education provision in Scotland. We will carefully examine the details of that when it is announced in September, so we can ensure that our members’ views are heard during the review. 

“We welcome Mr Swinney’s statement that he will consider the ideas contributed by the teacher associations. 

“In our letter to him in June, we set out a number of key recommendations on workload. 

“We also responded to the Scottish Government’s discussion paper on the early learning and childcare 1140 hours expansion programme of trials. We look forward to receiving the results of the financial review in respect of this once it is ready.

“We look forward to discussing all these issues with Mr Swinney on behalf of our members and to working with the Scottish Government as the Plan develops.”

Voice Scotland’s letter of 17 June 2017, written in response to the Deputy First Minister’s request to identify ways to “reduce unnecessary teacher workload”, included recommendations on: 

  • a staffing standard, to ensure adequate numbers of education professionals within an establishment, enabling teachers to focus on activities conducive to teaching and learning;
  • mentoring and support for school management, and consideration given to the introduction of a separate business manager role, to help free up time for headteachers to lead; 
  • appropriate levels of pay for short term supply; 
  • retention of teachers, including additional support for probationers; 
  • reducing and streamlining national priorities for Scottish education; 
  • support and training to reduce the burden of data input and management, particularly with the increased workload arising from implementation of the National Improvement Framework; and 
  • time and resources to enable teachers to access Career Long Professional Learning activities. 


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