EPI report highlights ‘unsustainable pressure’ on teaching profession

Date: 10.10.16
Voice comments on report from Education Policy Institute which highlights extra hours worked by teachers in England.

10 October 2016 

EPI report highlights ‘unsustainable pressure’ on teaching profession

Voice: the union for education professionals has expressed its concerns about a report from the Education Policy Institute (EPI) which highlights the extra hours worked by teachers in England. 

General Secretary Deborah Lawson said:

“While the findings of this report come as no surprise, they are deeply concerning and highlight the unsustainable pressure weighing down on a profession that is being bled dry by a recruitment and retention crisis. 

“Not only does excessive workload have a serious impact on teachers’ well-being and mental health – creating a risk of teacher ‘burn out’, as the report highlights it is also stifling  their development as professionals, preventing many from accessing continuing professional development (CPD). 

“What is particularly galling is that this extra working time does not equate to increased teaching time, but to time spent marking and carrying out administrative tasks. 

“Much of this is down to government-created change, bureaucracy and accountability measures. It seems that the well-intentioned, and welcome, reports of the Workload Challenge Review Groups and the promises of the Government to act on them have yet to make a significant difference to the lives of teachers.     

“During the summer Voice surveyed teacher, headteacher and support staff members affected by National Curriculum tests (SATs) in primary schools.  Our full findings will be published in November, but 81% of respondents commented that the SATs increased their marking workload dramatically; there was also a huge impact on the amount of time they spent at home (46%), planning (46%) and creating resources (40%). Areas such as meeting with parents and reporting showed moderate increases in impact, suggesting a negative impact on workload for all staff involved in SATs delivery.

“The Government must do more – and quickly – to address the interconnected issues of teacher workload, the impact of lower salaries compared with other graduate professions, and teacher recruitment and retention.”  

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