Nardia Foster, Chairman Emeritus

Nardia Foster, a former  National Chairman of Voice, has been a successful teacher with teaching experience in every Key Stage.

She was educated in the West Midlands until she went to college in London to be middle school trained in religious education.

She has not only worked in education but also in industry (British Telecommunications, Metropolitan Police as a community assessor, and a lay member of the Employment Tribunal). She was also a foster-carer for many years and gained experience with Looked after Children and the Social Services system.

Apart from the fact she is a member of Voice, she has also been a Regional Officer representing members in the London region. She still attends meeting on behalf of Voice in her locality.

Nardia believes in early intervention to support children’s learning. She also believes the early years curriculum is too loaded and is stretching staff and students too much, preventing them from concentrating on reading etc. Nardia also believes learning should be fun at all ages, as it helps students learn.

Nardia has written a text book, Out of Slavery, about black British history.


Interview with Lord Puttnam, February 2010



Chartered Psychologist in Teaching & Research

MA in Psychology of Religion (Areas of interest: Forgiveness, Shame, Gender, Looked after Children, Depth Psychology)

PGCE in School Management for Assistant Headship

PGCE in SEN Management

BSc Hons. Psychology

Certificate of Education

Psychometric Assessor