Are you stressed?

We’re bombarded by messages about how stressful modern life is; about how we need to find a better work-life balance; about the 11.7 million work days lost each year to stress-related illness. 

But are we really stressed, and, if we are, how do we achieve that illusive work-life balance?

We therefore have initiated several tools and resources that we hope members will find useful in tackling stress in their work life and home life.

  • Annual Survey – to track stress levels amongst members
  • Stress App – to help members learn to manage their stress 
  • Stress information sheet – with some great insights and suggestions on how to tackle stress 


Voice Annual Stress Survey

In 2016 Voice initiated an annual member stress survey which we plan to repeat each May. We wanted to know just how stressed our members are, and then track if stress levels get worst or if they improve.

The survey, designed by the National Health & Safety Executive, grades stress levels from 1 (‘stressed out’) to 5, which is where we should all aspire to be – stress free. Voice members as a whole scored 3.23, which is not terrible but certainly leaves a lot of room for improvement.




Those who said they had direct responsibility for children/young people proved the most stressed, at 3.20, followed by those in senior management positions, then classroom support staff, then finally admin staff as the least stressed, at 3.33.

When we looked at which age group is tackling the highest stress levels, again we see what most of us expected; it’s the 31-40 year olds who are under the greatest pressure and the 61+ age group who appear to suffer the least from stress.

Click here to access the full 2016 survey results.



Feel Stress Free
an App created by Thrive Therapeutic Software


‘Feel Stress Free’, an App created by Thrive Therapeutic Software, uses clinically proven and evidence-based techniques in order to prevent and build resilience to stress, anxiety and mild depression. It has been developed by NHS trained psychologists and psychiatrists, along with an expert games developer, and is available to all Voice members with an exclusive discount of 50% off the RRP.

By using the techniques within the app regularly, the benefits become greater. Practice makes perfect, and just as we would train our body and expect to become fitter, we have the ability to train our minds by learning the mindfulness and CBT techniques included in the app, whenever it suits us.

Click here to read more and access the 50% discount.

This offer is available to members only

Information Sheet

Stress and anxiety have become a daily part of life for many of us, but that does not mean it’s ok or acceptable. Whilst stress can be positive and help drive you to achieving your goals, when experienced too often and left unchecked, continued stress and anxiety can lead to life-changing conditions and death.

In a recent Education Support Partnership health survey, 77% of education staff said they had suffered from stress.


Click here to access our information sheet, Stress: Recognise and tackle work-related stress.

This information sheet is for members only 


Education Support Partnership

If you work in a school, then why not access the support and advice from the Education Support Partnership including a help line.

FREE HELPLINE 08000 562 561

Click here to access wellbeing and managing stress resources.