Voice comments on Save the Children report

Date: 17.02.17
Comments on ’Early Development and Children’s Later Educational Outcomes’ report from Save the Children. (England)


 Voice news release:  17 February 2017

Voice comments on Save the Children report

Commenting on publication of the report Early Development and Children's Later Educational Outcomes from Save the Children, Deborah Lawson, General Secretary of education and childcare union Voice: the union for education professionals, said:

“We welcome the report for highlighting the importance of early years education and care in children’s development.

"While early years teachers play an important and key role, there are wider issues facing the early years sector.

“We know that children benefit from early years education in settings that employ professionals with a range of skills and qualifications. 

“Childcare’s greatest challenge is recruiting and retaining staff in the face of a funding crisis. 

“Raising the status of early years professionals, as the Government claims it is doing, must go hand-in-hand with appropriate investment and coherent pay and career structures to reflect and reward appropriately the professionals who work in childcare. 

“We support the raising of standards of education and training. 

“However, early years settings are facing a shortage of early years teachers because of low numbers on some university courses offering training for Early Years Teacher Status (EYTS)

“EYTS trainees need the same degree and GCSE qualifications as those working towards Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) but EYTS does not guarantee the same terms and conditions as QTS. There is no set pay scale and some providers only pay wages for 35 weeks a year, rather than an annual salary. 

“The early years sector is expected to operate on minimum funding and maximum good will. Good will doesn’t pay the mortgage. 

A Voice survey found that the respondents working in childcare were generally highly-skilled but low paid.

“Childcare professionals are still amongst the lowest paid of the whole workforce, despite their levels of training, qualification and commitment, and the importance of early years and childcare to child development, education, employment, the economy and society.

“The Government must address the shortfall between the level of funding government pays and the cost to providers to deliver early years education and care.”

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