Voice welcomes report on teacher shortages

Date: 21.02.17
Commons Education Committee’s report, Recruitment and retention of teachers


 21 February 2017

Voice welcomes Education Committee’s report on teacher shortages

Voice: the union for education professionals – which represents teachers, headteachers and support staff – has welcomed the publication of the Commons Education Committee’s report, Recruitment and retention of teachers

General Secretary Deborah Lawson said:

“We welcome the Committee’s report – in particular because it highlights the fact that there is a retention crisis, as well as a recruitment crisis, in our schools. 

“We call on the Government to listen to the Committee and act on its recommendations, rather than dismiss them with its usual platitudes. 

“It should look at whether money spent on its current recruitment incentives, and policies such as the drive for new grammar schools, would be better invested in increasing teachers’ salaries, to make teaching an attractive career when compared with other graduate professions.

“As the report points out, a focus on retention could be cost-effective in both keeping teachers and strengthening and growing the pool of future leaders. 

“The issues that the report highlights – such as teacher workload, pressure from frequent and major policy changes, the status of teachers, and the ability of teachers to access training for continuing professional development (CPD) – are all concerns raised by Voice, including in its own written submission to the Committee.

“The Government must act to address these issues and others that are driving teachers away from the profession or deterring them from becoming school leaders. 

“Teaching must once again be perceived as an attractive profession to join and a career with prospects.”” 

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