Statement on ATL-NUT merger

Date: 22.03.17
Comment on result of the ballot of ATL and NUT members to merge the two unions

22 March 2017

Statement on ATL-NUT merger 

Commenting on the result of the ballot of ATL and NUT members in favour of a merger of the two unions, Deborah Lawson, General Secretary of Voice: the union for education professionals said:   

“I congratulate my fellow general secretaries. The ballot result serves to demonstrate the democratic nature of unions.   

“As a society, we need diversity of views and choice, and we must not forget that there is an even greater choice of unions in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

“Different unions, while sharing a common purpose, operate in different ways, so providing choice. Voice, for example, was founded on the principle of not taking industrial action.

“While larger organisations may be able to make more noise, Voice will ensure that individual voices can be heard and stand out from the crowd.

“However, different unions can, and do, work together where there is common cause, while retaining their distinct identities. 

“Voice will continue to work with our fellow unions across the UK, in our regular meetings with government and on joint campaigns such as funding, workload and accountability.”


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