Statement on school funding

Date: 18.07.17
Education Secretary’s Statement to Parliament on school funding (England)

18 July 2017

Statement on school funding

School funding welcome, but same pie cut up a different way

Commenting on the Education Secretary’s Statement to Parliament (17 July 2017) on school funding, Voice General Secretary Deborah Lawson said:

“The announcement on extra funding for schools is welcome, but we will need to see the details of how savings will be made from the existing education budget and the revised National Funding Formula, when it is published, in order to assess the full impact on schools.

“While it is good to see some reprofiling of the education budget to transfer much-needed funds directly to schools, this is not new money, and it will only go so far. Further investment is needed, particularly as pupil numbers increase and curriculum changes are implemented.

“It seems that the Government is cutting up the same funding pie in a different way, when schools need a bigger pie.

“The announcement will not solve the immediate funding crisis facing schools, even for those that will eventually see extra money in the future. 

“We mustn’t forget that the public sector pay cap continues, and so this will do nothing to address the teacher recruitment and retention crisis.

“The Institute for Fiscal Studies has pointed out that this represents a real-terms freeze on school budgets for the next two years.”

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