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Kirsty Williams AM, Cabinet Secretary for Education
Changes in Education
What does the future of education in Wales look like?
Hear more from Kirsty Williams about what the future holds for Welsh education. What are the Welsh Government’s expectations and hopes for the future in early years, schools and further education and how will they affect you in your workplace?

Tony Neate, Get Safe Online
Get Switched On: How to Protect Yourself and Others Online
Get Safe Online’s CEO, Tony Neate, will be sharing advice and tips to help keep yourself and your students safe online: starting with the basics, including the importance of securing your devices and accounts with strong passwords, through to helping students understand what is and isn’t appropriate to share online.

This is your opportunity to meet your fellow delegates and interact with our conference exhibitors. Not only can you learn from our speakers and workshop leaders, you can take the opportunity to take part in our lunchtime activity and learn from your colleagues.

Vocal Care
Your voice is your most valuable asset, so you need to know how to take care of it. Teachers’ voices need to remain strong and flexible throughout their careers; every day, week and term matters. Your voice needs to be used in a safe and healthy way, using pitch, timbre and tone correctly for each scenario in order to gain and maintain attention and encourage learning. Learn how to maintain a strong and healthy voice.


W1/4 Sally Holland
The Children’s Commissioner for Wales

The Three Ps
The Three Ps of Children and Young people’s rights are at the top of everyone’s agenda in Wales.
They are:
1. Participation: do you have a chance to have a say in issues that affect you?
2. Provision: do you have all the things you need to lead a happy life (like good food, a secure home, someone to care for you, education and a chance to play)?
3. Protection: are you kept safe from harm?
Join Sally to hear more about the 3 Ps and you.

W2/5 Kate Tabb and Sharon Hughes
What About Me? Training Ltd

The Challenges Children Face - How chaos, trauma and neglect impact on a vulnerable child’s ability to engage in learning.
Educators in Wales are turning to ‘What About Me?’ trainers to learn the skills needed to work successfully with some of our most vulnerable young people who are in their classrooms now.
Their aims are to:provide excellent in-service training for teachers, foster carers, adoptive parents, alternative education providers and social workers;

  • ensure that schools/professionals working with looked after children are attachment aware;
  • achieve best practice in all areas of working with children who are unable to live with their birth families;
  • provide strategies to help children and young people retain their mainstream school placements;
  • allow staff to see things from the child's perspective whilst still concentrating on getting all students to reach their potential;
  • promote the strengths of looked after children and give them the opportunity to narrow the attainment gap;
  • foster economic independence in the future and enable vulnerable young people to become part of the community.

To date Sharon and Kate have worked with a number of primary, secondary and alternative provision providers. They also partner with colleges and universities to ensure that care leavers are afforded every opportunity to follow their ambitions whatever their age or ability.

W3/6 Moira Lockitt, G2G
The Challenge of Tots to Teens Learning Through Technology

G2G is a Community Interest Company (CIC) focused on getting those individuals in danger of being, or already furthest away from, the job market back into employment, self-employment, innovation or learning. G2G delivers courses and services in schools and communities across
north Wales. G2G will focus on the importance of Interactive Learning.

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