Media briefing: CCTV in the classroom

Date: 09.08.09
CCTV cameras being installed in some classrooms

CCTV in the classroom

Ian Toone, Senior Professional Officer with Voice: the union for education professionals, said: "We do have concerns about the use of CCTV cameras in the classroom. Using CCTV for security reasons near boundaries or access points, or possibly in corridors, is one thing; installing cameras in the classroom is another. 

"Their use implies a lack of trust in the professionalism or conduct of staff and their ability to teach and control the behaviour of children. 

"They could also be against agreed national procedures on the amount of time teachers can be monitored, by whatever means, in the classroom. 

"Neither children nor staff are likely to behave naturally if ’Big Brother’ is watching, so providing little useful feedback for ’training’ or ’behaviour management’. 

"If pupils are forced to behave well by the presence of cameras they are not learning how to behave well when there are no cameras. 

"They will do little to protect staff against allegations of abuse as cameras cannot cover the entire school. 

"There is also the danger that footage could fall into the wrong hands. 

"I think most people would find being constantly monitored in this way intrusive and an invasion of privacy."