Workplace Contact

The Role

The role of a workplace contact is very informal, therefore, the responsibilities should not be too time-consuming and include the following:

  • As a Voice contact you are entitled to somewhere in your workplace to display Voice materials.  This will enable you to raise Voice’s profile in your workplace.  Your role will include keeping the staffroom noticeboard updated with Voice generated posters and newsletters.  What your colleagues think of Voice depends, in part, on what they see on your notice board.
  • Introduce yourself to new members of staff, whatever their role in your workplace, and ask them to join.  Everyone in your workplace has a vital role to perform in your team.  Therefore, we have a place for them in our team.
  • Understand and keep yourself up-to-date with new membership rates and offers.  Don’t forget about the new Voice Recruitment Scheme Volumewhere you can earn rewards for every new member you personally recruit (excluding student members).

Optional Extras

If you feel able, the following roles may also be performed as part of your work as a Voice Workplace Contact.  Please let head office know if you would like to carry out any of the roles below:

  • Acting as a communication link between Voice and other members in your workplace.
  • Directing members in your workplace to sources of information and advice within Voice.
  • Assisting with student recruitment fairs, conferences and exhibitions within your area.

General Notes

When you become a workplace contact you will be registered as such on our membership database so that we can make sure that you receive all the information you’ll need.  Other local representatives will also be informed of your new role.  You will also receive a ‘Your Voice Toolkit’, which will include:

  • A letter to your head teacher/principal informing them of your appointment as the Voice workplace contact.
  • Voice headers, posters and other materials for your noticeboard.
  • Information on the Voice Recruitment Scheme Volume and recruitment materials.
  • Hints and tips on recruiting.
  • Contact information on other Voice representatives within your area and region.
  • Information on professional officers at head office and their specialisms

Don’t forget – you may also start your own email network, keeping your colleagues and us up-to-date with vital information concerning their working life. 



To help you feel more confident in your role, Voice offers training for all volunteers.  Where possible, ensure you take advantage of this training.  Facility time should be available from your workplace to cover this training.