Benefits of Free Student Membership

At the union for professionals in education, your professional development is important to us.
Joining Voice is completely free and entitles you to the following services and benefits.*

NB: Voice members do not strike or take any form of industrial action. 

Casework assistance is granted in accordance with the attached terms and conditions.

Student Benefits

  • Free support and advice at local and national level throughout your training.
  • Free legal, possessions and accident cover throughout your teaching or workplace practice.
  • 24-hour legal help line for free help on non-employment related advice.
  • Free full membership during your first term as a newly qualified professional in education or childcare
  • Discounted rates after qualification.
  • Support for your continued professional development through our links
    with the Open University and other recognised training providers.
  • Practical information on techniques that can be adapted in your
  • Access to discounts from leading service suppliers.

* Except voting rights.

Core values

The strength of negotiation

At Voice, we believe in the power of negotiation to protect the interests of our members — who never resort to industrial action.

Truly independent union

Our independence from the S/TUC and non-affiliation to any political party means our thoughts and actions are dedicated to our members.

Supporting children. Protecting ourselves

We’re responsible for the children we educate and care for, and it’s essential that we support them alongside protecting ourselves.

Every member is unique

All of our members are professionals fulfilling an important role in education, early years and childcare, so it’s important that we provide a dedicated and personal service, and strive for quality in everything we do. 

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