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Every education professional has the right to be heard

Together, we are a powerful voice for education professionals.

Guidance for schools, colleges, nurseries and other education and early years settings on the coronavirus, COVID-19, and information for members.

Updates 21 January 2021: Updated health and safety FAQs (guidance on use of facemasks) 

England:  Interview: Who should get priority for the vaccine? 

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Scotland: SQA Update from the Higher National and Vocational Qualifications 2021 Group 

Updates 20 January 2021:  Latest FAQs (testing and vaccination)


Public Health England and NHS Test and Trace have published a position statement on daily contact testing as a replacement for self-isolation in secondary schools and colleges. Further information here.

Wales: Welsh Government:  Changes to qualifications confirmed by Education Minister Kirsty Williams following further disruption to learning:

Updates 19 January 2021: Scottish Government: 

Review of restrictions 
Current lockdown measures will stay in place across mainland Scotland and some island communities until at least the middle of February.
Schools across Scotland will also continue to use remote learning until at least the middle of February except in the case of vulnerable children and those of key workers.
No change to ELC and childcare until at least mid-February. Nurseries & regulated childcare providers should continue to open to key worker/vulnerable children only.

England (DfE): Coronavirus (COVID-19): reducing burdens on educational and care settings

Updates 18 January 2021: 

England: DfE:   Coronavirus (COVID-19) asymptomatic testing for staff in primary schools and nurseries Information on rapid asymptomatic coronavirus (COVID-19) testing for staff in primary schools, school-based nurseries and maintained nursery schools.

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England: Package of changes needed for the early years workforce Many of the challenges facing the sector’s workforce have been exacerbated by COVID-19

England: Latest DfE updated guidance 

Wales: Latest Welsh Government updates

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Every education professional has the right to be heard

Together, we are a powerful voice for education professionals.

"The reason I chose Voice as my union was because they believe in negotiation as an answer to solving issues not strikes."

Janet, Teaching assistant


20 Nov 2020 to 20 Feb 2021
20 Jan 2021 to 31 Dec 2021

Becoming a Higher Level Teaching Assistant Certification

Learning how to become a higher level teaching assistant is the ultimate guide to elevating your teaching skills and opening up exciting job opportunities in the school you’re working in or anywhere around the world!

1 Feb 2021

Mental Health Awareness Training

Mental health awareness is something that is very important, especially over the past year with the pandemic. Join us working in partnership with TCHC Training to provide an online training session on mental health for Voice Community members.