Casework assistance

Terms and conditions

Casework assistance in relation to any matter arising from a Voice Member’s employment, is granted in accordance with these terms and conditions.

1. Casework assistance is provided by trained and indemnified caseworkers.
The type of case and its complexity will determine whether the case is dealt with by a Field Officer, or Professional or Regional Officer.
Voice caseworkers offer a wide variety of help, support and advice to Members. However, they are not trained counsellors and in some circumstances, it would be appropriate for Members to consider contacting specialist counselling services.

2. Casework assistance cannot be provided:
> to any Member with regards to issues which pre-date membership; or
> to Members who are in arrears with their subscriptions at the time the issue arose. This entitlement to representation cannot be established by subsequently paying arrears.

3. Student Members are covered for the requirements of their course.
Any paid employment is only covered where it is a verified requirement of the course.

4. Voice does not provide dual representation.
If the Member instructs or seeks advice from his/her own legal adviser, alternative representative or any other third party in connection with the case, Voice will withdraw from any further involvement in the case and the Member will be responsible for any costs incurred in the instruction of a legal adviser.

5. Casework assistance is always granted at the discretion of the General Secretary and the General Secretary retains the right to withdraw casework assistance at any time if the Member is in breach of any of the terms and conditions set out in this document, or in any other circumstance when withdrawal is deemed to be necessary.

The Member has a right to seek a review of the decision. Members should write with their reasons for believing the caseworker’s decision to be unfair to: President, Voice, 2 St. James’ Court, Friar Gate, Derby, DE1 1BT.

6. The Member seeking casework assistance must supply, to the caseworker dealing with the case, all the information which may be required and co-operate fully in the investigation, preparation and prosecution of any case. The Member is expected to be honest and accurate in the information given to the caseworker. Should it become apparent that necessary information is being withheld or that the issue pre-dates membership then casework support may be withdrawn.

7. The Member must not enter into any correspondence with any party whom he/she believes to be associated with the case unless and until he/she has agreed the content of the communication with the caseworker.

8. Legal Assistance
i. A Member’s employment issue may be referred by the relevant caseworker to the Union’s solicitor for consideration as to whether an employment tribunal claim can be pursued. Voice will support members with a claim in the employment tribunal only where it is considered to have reasonable prospects of success. If a claim is issued in the employment tribunal, it will be kept under review and if the view on prospects of success change, the union may withdraw support for the continued running of the claim.
ii. Voice will also provide legal assistance to members where a claim against the Member is referred to the relevant regulator, for example, the National College of Teaching & Leadership (England); the Education Workforce Council (Wales); the General Teaching Council Scotland; or, the General Teaching Council Northern Ireland.

9. Data Protection
All information provided by the Member is processed in compliance with the Union’s Data Protection Notice.