National Officers and Council

Council is Voice Community’s policy-making body. Members are elected by Voice Community's membership. Council members also serve on Voice Community’s various Committees.


National Officers

President: Joy Rowley

I became a teacher as a second career after deciding that I wanted a more rewarding career than sitting in an office. I have worked mainly in special schools across a range of ages. 

I have been a member of Voice for most of my teaching career. I initially attended annual conferences and from my contacts there became involved as a Field Officer, initially in Warwickshire and now in Yorkshire and the North East since relocating in 2005.

I am honoured to be President and I am looking forward to working with the other National Officers to lead the union.

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Vice President: Chris Wilson

I have been a committed trade unionist since age 17 (a long time ago now),  and I have represented Northern Ireland Voice members on National Council, and have served on a number of national committees,  including: Events, Volunteers and (as Vice President), Employment and Personnel and Finance Committee as well as serving alongside other National Officer colleagues.

I re-established the Northern Ireland Executive Committee, and currently chair the same. I also support Voice members as the Hon. Field Officer in Northern Ireland, a role I combine with church ministry (in a lovely rural setting) and part-time tutoring (mainly History) and various bits and pieces of  other trade union work as presidential and professional responsibilities allow.

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Immediate Past President: Melynda Standring

I have been a member since 1984, and I remain impressed by the integrity of the people who represent members across the UK and beyond. I have served in numerous branch and national committee member roles. Currently, I am on the Wales Executive Committee (WEC) and have served on the Voice Finance Committee, the Rules Review group, the National Council and National Officers’ group and as Vice President and President.

The breadth of work we do never ceases to amaze me, from nursery to tertiary, and I have experience in many of these areas, working in schools, nurseries and further education and as self-employed. The thing that binds us together is Professionalism – definitely with a capital ‘P’!

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Honorary Secretary: Yvonne Johns

Honorary Treasurer: Margaret Volpé

Assistant General Secretary (Voice): Deborah Lawson

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Other members of Council

England Representatives:

Kathryn Bottomley (Equality seat)

Teresa Bottomley

Kaisra Khan

Christine Moody

Viv Parkinson

Ian Toone

Kay-Lesley Hallam Black

Michael Barton

Angie Rutter

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Scotland Representative:

Caroline MacDonald

More about the Scotland Executive Committee (SEC)

Wales Representatives:

May Castrey

Nick Griffin

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Northern Ireland Representative:

Sandra Wilson

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