National Officers and Council

Council is Voice’s ruling and policy-making body. Members are elected by the union’s membership. Council members also serve on Voice’s various Committees.

2017-2018 Council

National Officers

President: Geraldine Everett

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I have been actively involved in our union since 1988 and have served as a Council Member for England and twice before as National Chairman. I also chair the Employment and Personnel Committee and serve on the Volunteers’ Committee and Finance Committee as well as being a member of the Federation and Joint City Secretary for Voice in Leicester and an Honorary Field Officer.

(National Chairman June 2017 to June 2018)

Immediate Past Chairman: Teresa Bottomley

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In addition to serving as Immediate Past Chairman, I am also Chair of the Volunteers’ Committee and Chairperson of Leicester City and Leicestershire and Rutland Federation. I joined the union when I began my teacher training course in 1976 and have retained membership throughout my career. I am currently working as a part-time primary school teacher.

Vice President:  Chris Wilson (until June 2018)

Honorary Secretary: current by-election

Honorary Treasurer: Margaret Volpé

General Secretary: Deborah Lawson

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Other members of Council

England Representatives:

Kay-Lesley Hallam Black

Fiona Hunter

Margaret Marriette

Christine Moody

Vivienne Parkinson

Joy Rowley

Michael Barton

Valerie Ross

Angie Rutter

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Scotland Representative:

Caroline MacDonald

More about the Scottish Executive Committee (SEC)

Wales Representatives:

Yvonne Johns

Melynda Standring

More about the Welsh Executive Committee (WEC)

Northern Ireland Representative:

Christopher Wilson

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