All you need to know about early years contracts

You should fully understand what’s in your contract before signing it. Find out more in this blog and watch our webinar of 21 October 2021.

By Letitia McCalla, Professional Officer (Early Years)

Talking about employment contracts might sound a bit boring – something you sign when you start work and forget about – but it’s really important that you have one, and understand what’s in it and what it means. 

You should fully understand what’s in your contract before signing it, because once it’s signed, it becomes legally binding on both you and your employer.

If you don’t, you could find yourself in a very difficult position if your employer tries to get you to do things you’ve not been trained for or don’t feel comfortable with.  You could even find yourself being obligated to pay for things you didn’t even know were your responsibility.

Time and time again, we see cases where someone has signed a contract that they do not fully understand and by the time they realise its full implications, they are in a very difficult predicament. 

We at Voice Community are always there to support you, as a member, but there are some things that cannot be undone because you have already signed and agreed to them.  This is a particular issue for both our early years practitioners in the private sector and for nannies, whose contracts are largely constructed to support the employer (private owners and parents) rather than the employee.

Our webinar, Early Years Contracts – All you need to know! on 21 October 2021, covered the key things you need to check before signing a contract and how to address proposed changes from your employer.  

Find out more – watch the webinar:

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