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By Elizabeth Williams, Senior Professional Officer (Wales)

Merry Christmas! Best Wishes for Christmas and the New Year! I know how hard you’ve been working and I hope you have a relaxing break over the holidays.


Schools and Nurseries in Insolvency

Unfortunately, we are dealing with a number of cases in which workplaces have become insolvent and members are affected.  This can affect members working in independent schools and nurseries in Wales. Often employees are given very little notice that their nursery/school is going to close, and this can happen over the festive period. If this happens to you, please contact Voice HQ as soon as possible for advice and support. Click here to read our factsheet on insolvent employers.

Education Workforce Council Revised Code of Professional Conduct and Practice Consultation

I have recently responded to an EWC consultation regarding a revised Code of Conduct and Practice.  All teachers and teaching assistants in Wales are required to register with the EWC. The draft revised Code is concise and written in plain English.  However, we believe that it infringes registrants’ privacy and family life and gives insufficient guidance regarding what would be viewed by the EWC as misconduct. It also does not explicitly refer to social media, which we consider to be a mistake given the number of fitness to practise cases that centre around the misuse of social media. See the consultation documentation and my response here.

STEAM Christmas Crafts Workshops

Voice’s Christmas Crafts workshops were a great success.  Here is some of the feedback that we received from grateful members:

It was a lovely session. Enjoyed it.

Excellent. Bendigedig. Lots of freebies. Lots of help. Lots of ideas.

New ideas. Different ways of looking at things. So organised.

I enjoyed the whole session. Friendly support and very helpful.

We will run further theme-based workshops in 2019.

Survey Reminders

We currently have two surveys open to members in Wales to respond to. The more responses we have, the richer the data for analysing and to use in our campaigning work. We are very grateful to you for giving your time to complete our surveys. It shouldn't take more than few minutes to complete each survey. Please ask if you have any questions.

Violence Against Education Staff: Voice Campaign

We have received a large number of responses to this survey, but please do consider completing the survey if you haven’t already done so. Every response received by us matters. Please help Voice Cymru to understand the incidence of violence in schools by completing our survey on this matter. To complete this survey or read more about why Voice is exploring violence in schools, visit here

Complete Survey

Supply Teachers' and Supply Teaching Assistants' Working Lives in Wales

Supply teachers and supply teaching assistants have more flexible working lives but also more insecurity. We want to understand more about your working lives if you’re a supply teacher or supply teaching assistant. This will help me and the Wales Executive Committee to promote your interests with the Welsh Government.

Complete Survey

The more responses we have, the richer the data for analysing and to use in our campaigning work. We are very grateful to you for giving your time to complete our surveys.  It shouldn’t take more than a few minutes to complete each one. Please ask if you have any questions.

Wales Executive Committee (WEC)

WEC meeting venues move around Wales to enable local members to attend. Would you be interested in attending a WEC meeting in mid-Wales? We would be delighted to welcome you and would be very interested to hear your views. Expenses and lunch will be provided.  Please let me know if this is something that would interest you. Thanks. Our next meeting will be in the Spring 2019.  

Elizabeth Williams 

Senior Professional Officer (Wales)

01332 378 029 / 07972 482931        

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