Early Years Health & Safety and childcare issues webinar

Watch the webinar and download the documents.

Watch the webinar of 23 March 2021:

Further information

Presentation slides (pdf)

What is a risk assessment? (pdf)

Health & Safety Rights at Work information sheet (pdf)

The pandemic has hit women harder because of their professions and they are more likely to undertake the childcare responsibilities (The Guardian  

Flexible Working information sheet

Parents at Work information sheet

Working Parents (TUC)

Questions on childcare issues

I care for my parents who are extremely clinically vulnerable, I am scared that if I go to work I may put them at risk.  What can I do? 

  • Talk to your provider first and see what they say.  Hopefully they will be able to put something in to support you.  
  • If you are a registered carer you have legal rights as they are classed as a dependant. For example - Is there an alternative role that you could do that is less contact with children. Do you need an individual risk assessment? 
  • If you have further concerns in this area please contact us or support.

Can we use sand during activities?

  • See page 42/43 of this Department for Education document: Malleable materials (messy play) (last updated 15 March 2021).
  • Sand pits and malleable resources such as playdough that harbour germs are off the menu in some settings, while others have come up with innovative ways to retain these resources by providing children with individual trays of sand or carefully packaged pots of dough. Some are even resorting to washing the sand in their sand pits with nappy sterilising solution at the end of each day. If malleable materials such as sand, mud or water are to be used the risk assessment should clearly set out how the H&S risks will be managed.

Do we need to pay nursery fees when a setting has been closed?

  • Talk to your provider and see what they say. It’s better to get a response in writing so that we have it to rely on in the future.
  • Check the contract – It may say refunds will or will not be made.
  • We would argue that you should not have to pay because the nursery is not able to provide you with the service. 
  • If you do have any issues, please contact us so that we can support you.

Union Support 

Here is what we can do for you if you have any health and safety or childcare issues at work:

How we can help you through the pandemic

The early years sector has been very heavily impacted by the pandemic and there will still be a lot of work to do once the restrictions are lifted.  We do not want anyone to be going through issues at work without the support of a union.   Please do share this with your colleagues and encourage them to consider joining:

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