10 May 11

Game of chess? Fun and games with the national curriculum

First it was a reading list, now chess has been suggested for the primary curriculum.

Teachers often feel like pawns in the politicians' education game as each new government plans and tries to execute its own strategy, with the Opposition countering and trying to check their opponents.

What other games could we see in schools?

  • 'Monopoly' for financial acumen?
  • 'Backgammon' for strategic planning?
  • 'Scrabble' for spelling?
  • 'Trivial Pursuit' for general knowledge?

As some attempt to slim down the curriculum, others try to add more to it.

However, what's the point of a national curriculum when academies growing in number and favoured by the Government don't have to follow it?

Tell us you views on the curriculum review


Adding chess in the curriculum is indeed a big plus. Teachers should find chess as a great tool or strategy in teaching lessons to kids. Chess catches the attention of children and therefore they will be able to learn the disciple which the said game requires. It's definitely full of fun and at the same time a great learning experience for students and pupils.

Smart Dolphins Chess

Daily Telegraph: "Pupils to be given chess lessons in school standards drive":[www.telegraph.co.uk/education/educationnews/9941207/Pupils-to-be-given-c...

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