GTCS Professional Update

Teacher members in Scotland are reminded that they now are required to comply with the new GTCS Professional Update arrangements.

By Dougie Atkinson, Senior Professional Officer (Scotland)

Teacher members are reminded that they now are required to comply with the new GTCS Professional Update arrangements. The timing of that will depend on when you originally registered with GTCS.

Professional Update was launched by the General Teaching Council for Scotland (GTCS) in 2014 for all fully registered teachers. Teachers in Scotland are required to engage in professional learning, self-evaluate this learning using the GTC Scotland Professional Standards, and maintain a record of it using their online profile on MyGTCS (or another system agreed by their local authority).

Every five years confirmation of this engagement is required by the teacher and their line manager in order to maintain full registration. Teachers who have not done so should establish which system they are expected to use and when. GTCS has said that there is no need to duplicate the records on a local authority system as well as MyGTCS, but members should check what they need to do in their authority.


Central to the Professional Update process is the PRD (Professional Review and Development)  process. The formal PRD meeting provides a valuable opportunity for a focused professional dialogue between reviewee and reviewer.

Some of our members have expressed their concerns to us about not receiving their PRD interview every year or – in some extreme cases – never having had one!

Under the new process, the PRD process needs to be signed off to ensure teachers can continue to practise, so members should ensure that they regularly engage in the PRD process. If your manager does not approach you about this, you need to remind them that you require it.

Members: do let Voice Scotland know if you detect any reluctance by your manager to engage meaningfully in the process.

Further information

For further information about Professional Update, contact GTCS on 0131 314 6000 or or click here.

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