How does the lifting of COVID restrictions in England make you feel?

Results of recent poll

By Richard Fraser, Editor

We recently asked Voice Community members about how the lifting of COVID restrictions in England made them feel.

The response were as follows:

Sector  More at risk More secure Don't know % more at risk % more secture % don't know
Early years members (England) 21 1 2 88% 4% 8%
TA, HLTA and support staff members (England) 124 6 28 78% 4% 18%
Teacher, tutor and lecturer members (England) 138 27 28 72% 14% 15%


See the results of our Twitter poll on face coverings:

Will you still wear a mask and practise social distancing despite the restrictions now being relaxed?

  • Yes: 87.7%
  • No: 12.3%

Further information

Community blog: Running late to act
74% of our members feel more at risk due to lifting of Covid restrictons. If we’re to keep control of this virus, as well as protect our workers and the economy, the government is already running late to act.

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