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Article on Teachers' Pension Scheme in Independent Schools Magazine, March 2020

By Deborah Lawson, General Secretary, Voice

Voice: The Union for Education Professionals has been contacted by a number of members in independent schools whose schools are consulting on leaving the Teachers’ Pension Scheme (TPS).

Read the article here (pdf).

We are advising our members to contact us if they need further help or information.

Further information

Department for Education (DfE) consultation, Independent Schools – phased withdrawal from the Teachers’ Pension Scheme (via TPS website)

Teachers' Pensions

Independent Schools Magazine, March 2020

Independent Schools Magazine website



Our school has withdrawn already.
Our consultation went reasonably well and the product we now have appears to be good and fairly competitive, though one can never tell until the time comes to draw on it.
I understand the government's position as it has quite a black hole to fill, but surely this step will only reduce contributions and thus make matters worse?
If schools are forced to close, the demand on the Maintained sector will increase and subsequent greater demand on Government TPS funds will cause more problems.

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