Learning & Activity Resources

With the schools closing, many parents are looking for ways they can entertain and encourage continued learning whilst at home.

Home Schooling

In addition to any specific resources you may be preparing and planning for children to do whilst at home it may be helpful to set out a structure for children and parents to follow.  This will help to ensure that work is spread out, but also to help ensure that children take part in other activities to support their health and well-being at this time.

You might include such activities such as:

  • keeping a diary;
  • drawing pictures;
  • make sure you take daily exercise and sport;
  • communicating with relatives and friends electronically; and
  • as well as learning activities such as reading.

Maintaining contact with your pupils

If teachers/schools intend on calling or video calling students you must ensure you are permitted to do so by both your school and the parents. We recommend you take steps to ensure that pupils are not alone during the calls.  If you choose to video-call, you must ensure there is nothing and no-one inappropriate in view behind you and would be wise to have someone observing you for your own safeguarding.

You can still have fun

During this time it is important you stay safe:

  • Go outside! Take nature walks and bike rides, and bring activities along that enrich the experience, but;
  • Avoid playgrounds or other "high-touch" areas like toy stores or play areas;
  • Interact with friends and family over the internet; and
  • Let children use their imagination with one another by doing arts and crafts or playing pretend over video-chat.

We can't testify to the quality of these resources and suppliers, but here are links to some resources we're told are offering free access throughout the Coronavirus (COVID-19) school closures. Please be sure to properly review any service before you sign up and be careful of who you share your personal data with.

If you have any recommendations of other resources we have missed, please be sure to comment to this article to share your suggestions with others.

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