Look after your voice on World Voice Day – and every day #WorldVoiceDay

World Voice Day 2015

16 April 2015 is World Voice Day.  An article in SecEd, “Poor acoustics hit results and teacher health” (4 October 2012), warned that: 

“poor classroom acoustics could be having a disastrous effect on pupil learning and the health and wellbeing of teachers…. Eight out of 10 teachers are thought to be suffering from vocal strain or other throat problems because of having to speak loudly or shout to make themselves heard, compared with just five per cent of people working in other professions. And pupil performance may be adversely affected by students not being able to hear instructions or what is being taught: 

  • "Teachers are 32 times more likely to have voice problems than people working in other professions".

An article in the August 2011 issue of our members’ magazine, Your Voice, “Practical tips to save your back and voice”, by Lorna Taylor, Chartered Physiotherapist, with Gemma Boaden, Vocal Coach & Director: TemperVox, gives some practical tips, including:

  • “Poor posture can be a major contributor to vocal strain. Sound is produced in the vocal tract and amplified in resonant areas of your body. Bad posture can lead to tension, which can be a barrier to vocal vibrations, limiting your vocal power and weakening your voice.
  • “A healthy head, neck and back relationship is key to a healthy voice."

Voice has produced an information sheet on voice care for members.

Other resources

BackChat DVD by Lorna Taylor and TemperVox

Information about resources does not represent an endorsement by Voice.

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