06 May 11

Poll Result: Should there be a centrally maintained register of teachers in England?

The Government is abolishing the General Teaching Council for England (GTC) a decision described by Voice General Secretary Philip Parkin as "diminishing the profession Other professions, such as medicine, have professional bodies. All the nations of the UK currently have General Teaching Councils so why not teachers in England?"

The Secretary of State has indicated that the closure of the GTC will be completed by 31 March 2012 so it remains, for now, a legal requirement for all teachers in maintained schools in England and non-maintained special schools to continue to register with the GTC.

"This has created the ridiculous and nonsensical situation where one part of the teaching profession (FE lecturers) is being forced to remain in membership of a professional body (Institute for Learning (IfL)) while another part of the profession (school teachers) is having its professional body (the GTC) taken away. Teaching staff in sixth form colleges can choose whether or not to belong to a professional body, as they are free to join either IfL or GTC." (April 2011 Your Voice article: "England's registration debacle: lecturers do, teachers don't")

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Poll result (6-11 May 2011)

100% (8 votes) agreed that there should be a centrally maintained register of teachers in England.

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