Seeking clarity on September

Response to media reports on returning to school in September in Wales.

By Elizabeth Williams, Senior Professional Officer (Wales)

According to the BBC, "Thousands want September full-time school return" in Wales. The Children's Commissioner has written to the First Minister, Education Minister and teaching unions, asking for a series of steps to be taken to ensure that children in Wales can access their full rights to an education, play and socialisation.

I will be meeting with Welsh Government and the Welsh Local Government Association tonight (7 July 2020) and again with the Welsh Government tomorrow morning (8 July) to try to seek more clarity on what September might look like. 

Voice is not standing in the way of children going back to school; rather, we want the scientific evidence and assurances from the Welsh Government that it will be safe for both the workforce and children to return on a more regular basis in September.

Update: 9 July 2020:

Voice Cymru welcomes extra teaching staff and 'back to school' plans for September

Further information

Minister's response deeply disappointing (24 June 2020)

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