A union voice for independent schools

A member's views on the Labour Party's vote to abolish independent schools and Voice's support for the independent schools sector.

By Chris Aldridge, independent school member of Voice (personal view)

Last month the Labour Party effectively voted for the abolition of the independent schools of Great Britain. This unprovoked act of aggression at a stroke threatens the livelihoods of the teachers of 2,500 schools and is in danger of alienating the entire sector from the trade union movement.

But we deserve a union voice that truly speaks for our interests. I joined Voice because I was sick of the radical posturing of the other teaching unions.

Perhaps even more than the state sector, our interest is not served by conflict and confrontation with the senior management of our schools, certainly not strikes. Our schools are individual institutions that depend on staff goodwill to survive. But in uncertain and divisive times that goodwill is sometimes taken for granted and it is essential for our wellbeing that an organisation exists that can represent our interests in a genuinely constructive manner.

I firmly believe that Voice is such a union, the only one in fact whose approach mirrors the values of our sector. It is moreover the only union to have spoken out unequivocally in defence of our sector in the face of the threat from Labour.

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