Unions provide an invaluable service

Voice General Secretary Deborah Lawson comments in Schools Week on an article in The Sunday Telegraph.

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By Richard Fraser, Editor

Commenting to Schools Week about an article in The Sunday Telegraph ("Boris Johnson's aides plan to break 'stranglehold' of trade unions"), Voice General Secretary Deborah Lawson said:

“Similar anti-union and market-driven ideas have been floated before.

“Being in a union is more than an insurance policy. Unions are democratically accountable to their members whereas commercial companies are not.  

“The purpose of unions is to secure and promote employment rights and good employment relations. They also provide a range of other services for members. 

“Unions provide an invaluable service to millions of employees. As well as personal representation there is also collective bargaining and negotiations on pay and conditions and relevant sector matters at national level.    

“The days of some unions striking at the drop of a hat are long gone. My own union certainly believes in negotiation and campaigning, rather than industrial action that is damaging to education or to the interests or welfare of those children, pupils and students in our care.”


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