Voice Scotland and the Classroom Support Staff Working Group

Voice Scotland is a member of the group

By Richard Fraser, Editor

Along with other education stakeholders, Voice Scotland is one of nine members of the Scottish Government’s Classroom Support Staff Working Group.

The Scottish Government’s Education Governance: Next Steps report set out a vision for education reform which would deliver a teacher led and empowered education system.

Consultation on the Education Bill included questions on the establishment of an Education Workforce Council for Scotland to register and regulate wider education practitioners. The consultation demonstrated that, whilst there was support for the principle of expanding the range of practitioners who could benefit from the support offered by a national registration scheme, there was limited support for the establishment of the proposed Education Workforce Council for Scotland.

This working group has been established to consider how best to empower and support classroom support staff. It aims to:

  • maintain and improve the quality of classroom support in Scotland to enhance the impact it has on pupils' learning and reducing teacher workload; and
  • develop a national programme of learning set against a range of standards of practice to assist classroom support staff to reflect on their practice, gain confidence from their achievements and identify areas for development.

The group is exploring:

  • options for carrying out a role and remit review;
  • options for national standards of practice;
  • learning pathways; and
  • career progression routes.



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