Having difficult conversations workshop – 27 May 2021

Part of the Stephen Lawrence Day 2021 series of events

Having difficult conversations workshop, with Hope not Hate – 27 May, 4.00 pm-6.00 pm

With Britain becoming ever more divided, it is key that we learn to have productive conversations with those who disagree with us to help combat racism, xenophobia and all forms of prejudice.

This session offers effective methods for changing the minds of people who have deeply-held, irrational views that are racist or xenophobic, without relying on “myth-busting” techniques. We explore practices that seek to understand people’s perspectives, rather than focus on their objectionable conclusions.

Click here to find out more and register, or contact us on equalities@community-tu.org.

Please note this event is a live workshop and a recording will not be available.



Having difficult conversations workshop – 27 May 2021

Thursday 27th May

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