Feel Stress Free

Feel Stress Free, an App created by Thrive Therapeutic Software

‘Feel Stress Free’, an App created by Thrive Therapeutic Software, uses clinically proven and evidence based techniques in order to prevent and build resilience to stress, anxiety and mild depression. It has been developed by NHS trained psychologists and psychiatrists, along with an expert games developer, and is available to all Voice members with an exclusive discount of 50% off the RRP.

By using the techniques within the app regularly, the benefits become greater. Practice makes perfect, and just as we would train our body and expect to become fitter, we have the ability to train our minds by learning the mindfulness and cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) techniques included in the app, whenever it suits us.

With regular research trials at UCL, the app contains only evidence based techniques, with features including those below:

  • Mindfulness/relaxation techniques – Including deep muscle relaxation, meditation, self-hypnosis and calm breathing;
  • CBT based mood meter – teaching the user to track their mood, recommend relevant activities and retrain negative thought assumptions;
  • Security – All of our servers are based in London with no outsourcing overseas. We are fully ICO registered and encrypted meaning user data is completely private; and
  • Confidential support – with proven CBT techniques within the app, users can now support themselves 24/7 confidentially, with external helplines and resources built in for further support.

To access ‘Feel Stress Free’ and take advantage of this exclusive 50% discount:

  1. Visit www.thrive.uk.com
  2. Click ‘I have a coupon code’, and create your account
  3. Visit the link in the verification email and enter your coupon code, VCNNSTRSSFR17 to apply the discount
  4. Choose your subscription package and enter your payment details to confirm
  5. Finally, visit www.feelstressfree.com to download the app and sign in!