FREE Newly Qualified Membership

Voice is here to support you in your career, and there is no better time to prove that than when you first enter into the education sector. To help ease you into the job market and the financial stresses that come with starting a new career, Voice is offering you a two year deal which offers you security and protection so that you can concentrate on your new career.

Secure your first year for FREE with Voice. When you join as a newly qualified member, you will have nothing to pay until January in your second year of membership after you receive your letter of confirmation from us* and then after that, you will only have to pay a reduced rate of £89 for your second year. So why not apply now and get the peace of mind that you deserve on top of having an approachable and dependable union in your corner.

Join Voice today!

Voice represents professionals working in the education sector, ranging from teachers, nannies, support staff, early years, childcare, teaching assistant and more.

Voice membership benefits include:

  • Advice, support and legal representation;
  • Insurance benefits (workplace and personal);
  • Discounted legal services;
    • moving home
    • wills and probate
    • divorce or separation
    • employment matters (may remove due to the page being unnecessary)
    • professional negligence
  • publications and resources;
  • fantastic discounts and offers with Voice rewards;
  • free to attend conferences and events;
  • claim tax relief on your Voice subscription; and
  • Customer First standard as we put members first.

If you are interested in joining or have any enquiries, please contact our membership team by email or call them on 01332 372 337.

* Voice is unable to offer assistance with employment issues that arose before joining.