FREE Student Membership

Voice is serious about protecting the next generation; therefore we offer FREE membership to students to give them access to what they need during their course in preparation for when they enter the education sector.

Students receive FREE membership with Voice for the duration of their course. Join Voice today and get the peace of mind that comes with having us in your corner to protect you, giving you access to:

  • education specialists;
  • advice and representation throughout your placements;
  • legal covering possessions and accident cover throughout your placements;
  • support for continued professional development;
  • access to learning resources and publications;
  • brilliant customer service and care;
  • discounted rates after qualification; and
  • discounts and offers with Voice Rewards.

Join Voice today!

If you are interested in joining or have any enquiries, please contact our membership team by email or call them on 01332 372 337.

Student Membership is available to anyone studying an education or early years vocational qualification within the UK. This membership is available to students who are 18 years or older for the duration of their studies. FREE membership covers students ONLY for course related or mandated work placements. Students are not covered for paid or voluntary work they undertake in addition to that which their course mandates - they can choose to upgrade to a paid membership that would cover them for all paid and placement work.

If your course requires you to be employed within early years or education as an entry requirement, you are eligible for the FREE student membership, but will be required to offer evidence of this requirement.