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Become a representative or volunteer for us today and take an active part in your union – influencing your colleagues to join, informing us of any relevant workplace information and even taking an active part in recruiting and retaining members.

Every member has an important role to play in building Voice Community

In our rapidly changing environment, our representatives and volunteers all play a massive and vital part of our union, keeping us up to date on developments in their area and ultimately, helping us to build a stronger and larger union by recruiting and retaining members. You can also help by organising members in the workplace to gain influence with both employers and the government. The greater our number of members, the greater influence we have as a union. Experience has shown that colleagues are more likely to join us if they are approached by a colleague and as a member with us, you would be in a perfect position to undertake this activity, and receive rewards for doing so.

Our representatives play an active part in providing us with information and support for their colleagues in the workplace, in all education sectors within the UK. However, you can help your union grow by reaching out to and recruiting your colleagues as well as encouraging the next generation of representatives.

There’s a variety of roles with us that you can undertake, depending on your interests and availability. Below is a brief outline of each role:

Why should I become involved?

Becoming an active member of your union will not only improve your personal skills but it will also help you to become more knowledgeable and confident at your workplace and in your personal life. When you have helped a colleague, it will also give you a sense of achievement. You can:

  • make a difference in your workplace and sector;
  • help to improve your working environment;
  • learn new skills through a variety of free training opportunities; and
  • ensure that your voice is heard.

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