Federation Official

Federations represent members in an individual local authority (LA) area or group of local authorities. Federations are made up of volunteers and include three federation officials; Federation Secretary, Federation Chairman and Federation Treasurer.

The federation secretary will normally be elected by the Annual General Meeting, held in accordance with the rule of Voice. There is normally a Chairman and Treasurer appointed from volunteers within the federation. These members form the Federation Committee which has oversight of the union’s affairs within the area of that federation.

The federation officials will normally undertake the following activities:

  • produce regular newsletters/e-newsletters to members within their area;
  • arrange meetings of the membership, sometimes to hear an outside speaker;
  • convene the AGM – the principle purpose of an AGM is to elect a committee and to receive reports on the previous year’s activities;
  • to be the recipient of local correspondence, e.g. from the LA, and to deal with it either directly or by seeking help from Voice representatives, regional officers or head office;
  • with the assistance of your regional officer or head office, seek official recognition within LA; and
  • to promote Voice within your federation area.

Federation officials may be contacted by members in need of advice and support which they can then direct to a regional field officer, regional officer or head office contact. As federation officials, these volunteers would not be insured to give workplace advice.

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