Field Officer

The Field Officers assist members in need of support at meetings such as disciplinary, potential redundancy, grievances, etc., as well as liaising with head office when appropriate.

The Field Officer role

The responsibilities of a Field Officer fall into four categories:

  • assisting members with their enquiries;
  • meeting with relevant bodies on behalf of Voice members;
  • representing and/or supporting individual members as appropriate; and
  • ensuring that Voice officers are kept informed of all serious cases as soon as possible.

Key tasks include:

  • provide a sympathetic and knowledgeable ear for Voice members;
  • to attend training sessions for at least six hours per year;
  • have a working knowledge of current disciplinary, competency and grievance procedures, together with an understanding of relevant legislation;
  • know the appropriate regulations of the local authority (LA) and The Department for Children, Schools and Families (DCSF) and Scottish Public Pension Agency (SPPA); and
  • complete the Field Officer Report Forms and returning them as directed.

Key Relationships:

  • Liaise with the appropriate regional officer.
  • Your first contact will normally be with the regional officer, and subsequently head office and the local federation where appropriate, to ensure that they have reference to current casework.

General Notes

  • Field Officers are required to have considerable discretion in dealing with individual cases; therefore it is important that support is always available from the Voice Derby head office and the senior professional officer in Scotland.
  • Field Officer expenses will be met by the union and claim forms should be sent direct to the accountant at the Derby head office.

How do I become an Field Officer?

  • two nominations are required from members within the volunteer network, or;
  • two written references are required, along with a completed application form (see below for more details);
  • applicants are invited to attend an interview, which will be conducted by a member of Voice staff and members of the union’s Volunteers’ committee;
  • applicants will be notified of the results of the interview by post; and
  • acceptance of the post also confirms a commitment to on-going training, which is provided by Voice. The performance of each Field Officer will then be reviewed annually.

When you become an Field Officer, your membership details will be updated accordingly so Voice can ensure that you receive all of the information you’ll need. Other local representatives will also be informed of your new role. You will also receive your welcome pack, which will include:

  • voice recruitment materials (maybe insert a link to list these?);
  • information on the Professional Officers at our Derby head office; and
  • a data protection form for you to sign, which allows you to have access to basic contact information on the members you will be representing.


Voice offers training for its volunteers. When and where possible, ensure that you take advantage of this training as it will massively benefit you in your role as Field Officer. Paid facility time should be available from your workplace to cover this training.

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