Recruiting more members for Voice would help us gain more influence in the workplace and in turn, the government, which increases our ability to negotiate as a union to secure the workplace that you deserve.

There are many ways you can help Voice by recruiting new members:

In your workplace

Do you have any colleagues who aren’t represented by a union, or who are looking to change? Then why not mention Voice, and point them in our direction. We are happy to supply you with the appropriate information and materials which you can use to inform your colleagues about who we are and what we do. And for every new member who joins us that you referred, we will reward you with a £5 Marks and Spencer gift card* to show our appreciation for your support. See pur Voice Referrals page for more details.

Order your noticeboard and recruitment materials

Local recruitment events

Help Voice by informing the next generation of teachers, support staff and early years professionals about us and our services. You can support our teams when we attend student and newly qualified events to spread the word about Voice’s presence throughout the education sector. We are looking for friendly and enthusiastic members who are comfortable addressing the questions that potential members may have about Voice.

Voice appreciates the time and effort that our volunteers put into these events, so we will cover travel and subsequent expenses** for the day, and you will ultimately be rewarded with a thank you gift after the event with a note about the volume of new members that have joined Voice through your influence.

If you are interested in recruiting new members for Voice through events, please complete our Recruitment Volunteers form and we'll keep you informed about local events in your area.

If you are interested in attending a local recruitment event, please contact us by email or call us on 01332 372 337.

*Offer does not apply to student membership.
**Expenses paid in accordance with the Members Expenses Policy and Limits.