Workplace Representative

As a workplace representative, you will have to undertake several roles to ensure that the voices of you and your colleagues are heard within your place of work. You will represent Voice to your colleagues and be expected to update them about Voice and issues that we’re championing in your area on their behalf.

The role of a Workplace Representative

The responsibilities of a Voice representative fall into six areas, none of which should be too time-consuming.

  • Providing information to other members in the workplace and raising the profile of Voice by updating the staffroom noticeboard with posters and newsletters.
  • Recruiting new members and introducing yourself to new members of staff and asking them to join Voice.
  • Acting as a communication link between Voice and other members in your workplace.
  • Directing members in your workplace to sources of information and advice within Voice.
  • Keeping all Voice members up-to-date with any consultation that is taking place in your workplace.
  • Reporting back to Voice the progress on any consultations.

If required, Voice will write to the headteacher/manager to ensure that the representative is kept up to date with meetings and goings on within the union.

Welcome Pack

You will receive a welcome pack, which contains:

  • A letter to your headteacher/manager informing them of your appointment as the Voice workplace representative.
  • Voice noticeboard, posters and other materials for your staffroom noticeboard.
  • Information on the Voice Referral Scheme and recruitment materials.
  • Hints and tips on recruiting.
  • Contact information for other Voice local representatives and region information on professional officers at head office and their specialisms.


You should not represent members on disciplinary or grievance issues if you have not been fully trained and accredited. If one of these issues arises, please contact your Regional Officer or Voice head office.


Voice would never expect you to undertake this role without the proper training. To make you feel more confident in your role as a Voice representative, we offer training for volunteers and would advise that you take full advantage of our training schemes. Your workplace should offer facility time to cover your time training.

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