Advice on travel disruptions

Travel disruption is a nightmare when it delays your journey or even prevents you from travelling. Issues can be caused by public transport cancellations or even severe weather situations.

If you are unable to travel into work, you are under an obligation to notify work in the normal way.  Failure to do so will result in unauthorised absence and possible disciplinary action. 

When you contact work, there are options to discuss with a view to agreement, eg:

  • working from home (some local authorities ask school staff to work at their nearest school instead);
  • taking leave;
  • using time in lieu where this applies;
  • making up the time elsewhere; or
  • reaching a separate agreement with the employer.  Both sides are required to be reasonable.  Should there be anything in the contract/procedures that will be decisive.  Part of the employer’s obligation is to treat all employees in the same situation in the same way.

Make a note of calls and the conclusions/agreements reached. 

If there is a family emergency due to the weather, employees will in any event be entitled to take reasonable time off work as dependents’ leave.