Coronavirus (COVID-19)

For all your updates, resources and information we have about the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.

To help members stay informed about the outbreak, we have created this area as a central resource of all Voice updates and information. We will work hard to keep this content up to date, but please do be patient as we too are working with restricted access and staffing which may result in slower response times that you might hope for.

3 August 2020
The government is right to exercise caution to prevent further rise of infection rates. 
The whole education workforce knows it is essential that all children and young people are able to fully resume their education.  Voice supports the ambition for all pupils to return to school in September and will support our members with this.  However, further lockdowns or restrictions at local or national level are to be expected in the coming months therefore it is essential that Government have a Plan B for schools.  Schools need to know from the Government before September what Plan B is and how they are expected to deliver it and ensure that all pupils have access to learning should a school be required to close, or reduce pupil intake in response to local conditions.
We continue to be concerned for our members who are most at risk and ask the Government to reconsider the use of PPE to protect them and reduce the expected rise in infections.

Please check back frequently for updates.